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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide language solutions to our customers. Such language solutions are to be performed by qualified professionals who, in addition to being well-trained and certified translators, are as well mediators with excellent communication skills since they are expected to adapt any kind of concept or idea into any target language. Our goal is to ease the communicative exchange among the members of our Global Village, no matter how different their cultural or linguistic backgrounds are. Our goal is to deliver comprehensible and coherent products, with a style of their own. We want to offer a service provided by translators who are not mere ‘transcribers’ but ‘creators’ of substantial meaning.

Our Values

•Honesty: We like to be clear when we explain every step of a translation project – we don’t “hide” uncomfortable details or leave important remarks in small prints. Everything must be perfectly explained from the quote to the delivery of your project.

•Rectitude: We like to respect other people and to treat them as we would like to be treated. That’s why we want to make fair deals that are adequate for every party involved in a project, including our vendors. We wouldn’t offer them any condition that we wouldn’t request for ourselves. We are fair both with our clients and with our providers and collaborators.

•Innovation: We forget about the old paradigmatic concept that most people relate with a translation agency and we offer a much wider variety of language and communication solutions, supported by one company.

•Accessibility: Whether we’re dealing with information, prices, availability or delivery dates, we consider ourselves way more accessible than most of the companies and freelancers who offer our same kind of services.

•Empathy: We understand what it feels like to be “the customer”. We know what it feels like to see that the promises made by our vendors are not being honored, what it feels like to see that what you are getting is not what they had assured you would get… we know what it feels like to know that what you are receiving does not match the value the company had told you they would deliver. We’ve been there, so we pay extra attention to taking care of our customers because the last thing we want to do is to let you down – we always try to deliver more than what we had originally promised in order to satisfy you and to exceed your expectations.

•Professionalism: A promise, whether it is written or oral, is a commitment. A professional attitude is a tacit promise when you are making business with us. Our working processes, quality filters, promises to meet our deadlines, etc. include our committed effort to do things as professionally as possible by taking care of every single detail and by doing it ‘naturally’ – speaking a language does not mean that one will be able to translate it. Our goal is to aim for perfection every time because we know that what we say on behalf of your company is what the rest of the world will acknowledge as your corporate image.

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