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Sometimes it is necessary to hear it – or read it – from somebody else. We can tell you about the wonders and the benefits of translating your projects, specially of translating them correctly, but you have the right to believe that we are just doing it because it is our business, who wouldn’t?

We have looked up several articles, reviews and opinions from people who are not directly related to any translation or linguistic agency in order to provide you with an objective perspective on our industry.

Please, feel free to visit these external sites and to read these articles if you want to learn more about translation and linguistic services:


1. ¿Cuánto cuesta una mala traducción?

Por Celia Rico Pérez, Profesora titular del Departamento de Traducción, Interpretación y Lenguas Aplicadas de la Universidad Europea de Madrid.


If you have read another article that you want to share with us or if you have any comment about the articles that we have included in this section, send us an email and let us know about it!

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