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Quoting Factors

If you want to know which are the quoting factors we take into consideration when we offer you a quote for your project, we hope this section can offer you the elements you need to have a better perspective.

Language Pair

Some language pairs are more popular than others and that is good for you as a customer, because that means that we will be able to offer you a fee that will be much more commercial. Some language pairs are a little bit more difficult – sometimes much more difficult. So the first thing you should take into consideration is that if you want to have your material translated into different languages (let’s say, if  you wanted to translate a handbook or a website) the fees could be different for each language.

Area of expertise

We take into consideration if your project requires some sort of specialized knowledge – medical, industrial or legal terms, just to mention a few – because that will help us determine how technical we should be and even how long it would take us to translate your project.


Some of our fees are actually determined by official organizations, institutions or by local government ministries. Such is the case of our sworn translation services. If you need us to translate a document and to  certify it, then our fees will vary depending on the target language and depending on the institution that has certified our sworn translator, because regularly a minimum fee range is established by them, in order to avoid disloyal competition practices.


Number of words per page

We take into consideration the number of words in your document to offer you a quote and our fees can be handled both as rate per word or rate per page, depending on your project. This is good for you because we offer volume discounts as you can see in our Volume Discount section.

Delivery Date

When you submit a document we can take into consideration the aforementioned factors and then propose a quotation and a delivery date. However, if the delivery date we offer is not convenient for you, we can negotiate and meet a date and time that will work for you and for your project. In such case a Rush Hour Fee may be applicable, as you can see in our Rush Hour Fee section. 

Number of People working on your Project

We completely understand that some projects are special and although we normally don’t like to involve many people in one project in order to respect the document’s integrity and overall style, sometimes we must include several translators in one project if we want to meet your required delivery date. In such case, you must consider that we will be including an editor for your project. This person will be on charge of keeping your project together, making it look as a whole – not as a bunch of pieces that have been translated by different people and just copied and pasted in one file. We will let you know in advance, though, if we need to assign an editor/proof reader for your project.






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